March 02, 2006

So, the Bastard, is exaclty that.

Hes only been in New Zealand about a month & already has two updates named after him.

Why you ask this time? Well I had a full update ready to go on Tuesday, Brian jumped on here to check his myspizzle & accidently x-ed out of this window deleting my blog entry, arrrr.

Trying to think what I wrote is the worst so I won't bother.

Ooookay, as some of you know Last weekend was the BMX Dirt Nationals, yup, thats right, the Nationals . . .

I didn't personly jump the jumps, but I don't really think I heard a single good thing about them, but people still managed to ride them good enough.

Lets go back to Friday, we all met up at Shed7 for some alcoholic beverages + Riding, I arrived a little later with a little friend of mine who can handle more alcohol than the average girl! thats right, more than 1!

Some hot riding went down, some even hotter drinking moves. The rope swing was brought out, and how no one died...I don't know.

Next day everyone woke up, hungedover, tired...and I was sore from sleeping half off a matress...but at least I had one...HAH SUCKAS.
We more a less headed to the beach for a swimm + perv.

After breakfast we made our way to the jumps at Papamoa, Saturday was 'practice' day...its big time! people more a less got drunk, rode every now & then and talked shit on the crappy music.
I think my mix including Michael Jackson, Snoop + Shania Twain was the about the best music of the day . . .but thats just my opinion.

The Bastard managed to somehow get a motoscooter, jumped the kicker, which is about 30cms high, landed in a nose wheelie which carried on for about 5meters then took off into the trees, crashed, took out the taillights....the owner wasn't impressed...all in a days work.

The night gets pretty wild from here, lots of woodburn from being thrown down the ramp, Shohan managed to get a beat up hand from skating, and if you wern't hit by a bottlecap then you probably wern't at Shed7.

Next day was finals day...this is where it call gets serious, wait hold up, this is New Zealand remember, more beers were drunk & riding went down.

Digger rode pretty well, he also managed to take himself out later on in the day.

Hugh made the trip up from wellington for this event & really should of placed alot better, he has Island Bay pop for sure.

Big 360 through the 2nd set.

Big no hander. eWok approves of this type.

Liam was out, sweating my helmet out + keeping it real.

1 hander? turndown? will the mountionbiker ever get it right, check the file name fool.

Nac where near the standard of BMX Plus! but about as good as you'll see around here

Adam was riding good + being a real cunt at the same time.

As expected, Jed won everything, big backflips, big 3's....he just goes big.

360 Tailwhip to the pedals

I think more a less the only reason for these was to get more speed....and speed he got!

Just a plain jane tailwhip . . .

As you probably noted theres not many pictures, because my battery died after one heat, so I missed Jeds flipwhip, the bastards Frontflip, Georges 'iron monkey' attempt + a whole heap of other stuff.

There were a couple of cameras about so maybe they'll pop up somewhere.

Errrmmm, I cant really think of much else to say now.

Was a good weekend, the rotorua dirt jam is on this saturday...should be just as fun.

Everyone arrives tomorrow, so its going to be a crazy weekend I predict.

Whoop Whoop.

I'm sure I had something else to say, but fuck it.

myspace time!

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