March 14, 2006

Rotorua Dirt Jam...PAIN

So, well, because I'm lazy, I am just going to copy & paste the blog I did about the Jam on my myspace to here, so its going to be more about the people than the riding, not that I got many riding pictures anyway.
So, well, enjoy I guess.

Wow, this weekend was off the hizzy!

It all started friday night with drinks at my house, walking to stevens, getting kicked out of stevens, I stole Nic's bike to ride to the skatepark, drunk outa my mind to pick up Nate-dogg Timmy.

We ended up meeting up with the rest of the crue who were walking back to my hizzle, just to let you know how it was, I was already in the back seat of the pimp-mobile with 3 bikes, then the bastard decided to jump in on top of me, cody was on the roof, 2 more people were on the bonnet, adam was on the boot for awhile, untill he fell off...he ate it hard.

haha, good times! got back to my place & watched Aggroman & RIDE ON, 2 of the greatest videos ever. Check them out!

Oh, Mike was drunk, as in druuuunk.

Next day, being Saturday, woke up, got some shitty mcds for breakfast, then headed to the trails where gisborne were, it was super windy so we didnt really hang around for long, we more a less headed to the skatepark where the rest of wellington was, there ended up being about 30 riders at the skatepark...some silly stuff went down, slippy slippy!

It was then decided that we would head out to the Luge, after about 30mins of fucking around we finnaly made it up there, the crue consisted of these dicks:




Lurch shaded out on this picture...and I took it.

Luging was completly wild...WILD i tell you, so many crashes, jeff actully flipped his luge cart top over tail, I rolled over mark a couple times...bastard was a mad much fun...cant wait to do it again.

oooh, yes, we saw some red bull girls at the top of the gondola, bastard harassed them, Lurch is rad and their number somehow ended up in my phone.

then at the bottom they found us, gave us more red bull and chatted for a bit.

funny enough almost everyone got in on this picture.

from luging I belive we made our way to the trails, and everyone slowly starting getting going, I somehow ended up being a I basicly had to sit on top of the hummer & write down the best tricks in my opinion, not the best lines, but tricks. . . yay!

jed sucks

tim rules.

Jeff is also up there with being almost cool.


oh yeah, alot of people ate shit...Timmy came off real bad with a broken ankle, nate dogg bruised his spleen, Simon ate it hard aswell.

fuckin rotorua!

after the dirt jam Adam stupidly let Bastard drive his car in the gravel pit...boy oh boy was it wild, redlining it in reverse, he even headed towards the piles of gravel & somehow got adams car airborn....was some funny shit.

after this everyone basicly got booze & got drunk, a few pep's came back to my house for a more mellow version than what seemed to happen at stevens, saftey meeting in the tent, Luke brought the whiteboard, nic brought the pens.

my hizzzle, Kirk fred joined us for the fun:


after drinking at my house a few of us made our way to stevens, which was wild!

after some altercasions elsewhere we finnaly made it back to my house for sleep.

well, the bastard arrived a bit alter, drunk my burbon and then went to sleep upstairs on the couch.

on sunday everyone headed home pretty early, apart from Nate dogg & tim, who hung around, well, because tim was in hospital. Nathan stayed at my house then I belive picked up timmy half way through the day & headed home.

I got a txt from tim at 4pm saying "U spray paint a jersy barrier fbm up the bum no babies we just went past it" OH HELL YEAH!

haha. yes.

oooh, and my toilet wall got attacked throughout the weekend...check it:

this is above my toilet:

it used to be a pic of Nick, who had the torso of the month . . .Im gutted.

ha ha, I also just noticed this today:

top stuff.


thats it..


what a masssive blog, i hope you enjoyed.

I only have one shitty new picture, i.e wannabe art fag shot, and this is it:


I missed out on so much this weekend, I guess you just had to be there.



newer pictures from this week

Simon, 180 smooth as butter OVER the cone...not around it.

Simon, lookback...turndown...take your pick.

Steven hopped the cone aswell.

Oh oh, check .Click Here For The Best Video You Will Ever See

yep, thats it.

trademe is a bad addiction when you dont have a job.

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