March 27, 2005

Pictures from Whangamta/Pawanui

I have just got back from a Roadie to whangamata/Pawanui with Steven, jared, Simon, Cody, Nic and Luke.

I may bore you with a story at some other time but for now heres a couple of pictures, well video stills actully:

Luke, Air on the Pawanui Bowl Corner

Smegel Power
Luke, Do I really need to tell you what this is? Bars turned and knees together even.

Luke, One of the nicest turndown's I've seen with my own eyes...and this was a crappy one. **Gets off Luke's balls**

Yeah, more pictures and crap coming as I can be bothered, Luke has a couple of pictures aswell which hopefully he'll post.


Edit, I took a picture of Simon aswell:

This guy owns more vinyl's than you
Simon, Turndown

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Caleb said...

sweet turndown luke. All
u rad bmxers should check out my site its