March 04, 2005

Auckland Road trip Story

Hello again, welcome to another fabulous prophecyBMX update,
it which you will hear tales of great fun and joy..pffffttt what
the hell am I on about.

Yes, just to carry on from Lukes update...

Steven, Cody and I tripped up to Auckland on saturday the 27th
of february or something, met up with Luke, george, Louis (is that spelt correct?)
nic and his friend, rode Vic park for a bit, watched the Auckland madness
happen before our eyes...shit talking, watching out for MILF's and
watching the Hardcore boy racers drive past oh and the odd bit of extreme
bmx airials.

After riding Vic for a couple of hours or so, which included me getting
snaked nemerous times by woodpushers it t'was decided that we would head
to the recently reforms birkenhead trails, which wern't really that re-formed,
on the way that we stopped to ride the mini on the side of the motorway,
watch some Fat guys play american football and ride down this massive
hill really really fast..such fun!

We finnaly got to the trails and george kindly handed me a broom..ugh branch
to sweep away dirt, Louis and George managed to get through a couple of sets
before it started raining...and yes, it IS a smart idea to wait to the rain
to pass...even when standing under a fern, which provides about as much protection
as a...I'm too tired to entertain you now, the rain didn't really halt and
we bolted it across the running track to the saftey of the ute..but not before Nic
fell off doing an e to tha e EXTREME skid, Good stuff.

I belive that we went to devonport, where George and Louis were ripping up the mini
and the over-vert thingie, e-wok also made an appearnce with a box of tui (coughshittybeercough)
and proceeded to tear it up, including a disaster on the over-vert piece. Luke did a nice couple
of air's over the sticker on the right...not the left.

eWok - Botched Photo - Disaster on the Over Vert peice at Devonport

Luke - Botched Photo - Air at camera was being homosexual.

After riding Devonport for awhile it was decided that we would head back to birkenhead park, where
some pretty mellow riding went down, well apart from a Fence slap! thanks to the young Louis.
George and Nic has already taken off to the trails, we all went to start heading down there but as we
were headind down there we were greeted by a Muddy George who had slipped over on one of the pre-wet berms.
After watching the Civic go INSANE! we headed off to Mikes Indoor mini and trails..not indoor trails.

We rode the trails, well, Steven and I rocked the mint tabletops and watched George, Lewis and Luke rock
the 6 pack, 4 pack and the Step up, 360 lookbacks, old school no handers, barspin's to looop out's were executed, Mike did a couple
of mint turndowns over the last double in the six pack and had some pretty creative lines through the place,
overall a fun sesh at the trails...I'll hopefully show some Rotorua tuff-ness next time by jumping
through the six pack next time. Oh and just a personal note here, TAKE INSECT REPELLANT!

After this we headed back to Mikes Mini and watched some moves get laid down.

George - Walltap/slap at Mikes

On the way back into town, For Non-aucklanders: Auckland is actully spread far apart, with some parts 30mins away!
crazy...back to the story, on the way back into town we stopped at Wendy's for dinner, and I think I'll bulletpoint this.

- Luke has a 5 cent coin collection
- Louis had a 5 cent coin that luke wanted
- George had chilli, and we had leftovers
- Luke took an awful fall, no not on purpose or anything
- Wendy's Welcome mat is no Chillified, thanks to Luke!

Make use of that coin Luke!

We got back into town and had a little street ride, bit of fun aight.

We headed back to Lukes, said our goodbyes and headed off to e-woks where apparently their was a real comfy couch for us!

The Couch was no dout covered in man/alcohol juice as their was a killer drunk-up going down, so we hung around
there for a bit, listened to some guy go on about Doughnuts and watched Woodstock ben throw chips at a girl for a good 5
minutes untill she erupted...funny shit.

We left there headed to town, found that all Backpackers were full and it was decided that we'd head to place that I knew of,
$12 a night, Air cond, Secure parking, Macca's, Cafe, Clothing stores and Duty Free stores within a min's walk...yeah thats right
the Airport...we got a good 2 hours sleep and Cody and steven wanted to head 430 in the morning. I can remember about
a quarter of the ute drive home, which really is quite a bad thing, as I was driving. I stopped in Tirau for a pie and Hot chocolate
for breaky then got home and went to sleep.

Steven - Sleep, haha, Sorry steven.

Heres a better picture of him:

Steven - Air at Rotorua [Fuck IrFanView for making it B&W!]

Thanks to George, Lewis, Luke, Nic, Mike oh and eWok for a place to stay...well kinda.

Sorry about the shitty pictures, I'll put the new prices up next time...and besides I'm late for getting drunk.



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