March 16, 2005

Nothing much really.

Howdey doodey,

Nothing much has really happened latley round here.

But umm, yes, we're hopefully going to be in Whangamata/Pawanui over easter weekend, riding and whatnot.

Theres the tauranga easter x gaymes this Saturday/sunday on the Cameron rd domain in Tauranga THIS weekend, I may head over to it, but by the sounds of things it'll most probably just be the Vodafone box jump and a ledge or two...yay!

Oh and heres a video that Steven edited, its poor quality so you get more bang for

Right Click and Save target as here.

This has nothing at all to do with prophecy, but I figured that it was worth you seeing.

Chris Doyle:

Oh yeah, the zombie site is back up and running, so check that shit out, link is down bottom right...

Thats all from me.

Brown Sabbath

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