February 01, 2010

little bit of ridin' little bit of drankin'

The Vans JediJam 2010 just dropped this weekend just gone, along with some wild tricks, beers and fanny's.

I didn't take too many photos as Mr McRae was definatly taking care of business in that department and some TV show as well....hopefully will be online soonish. so for proper photos wait that out but here's a few that i got . . .

Will be in time order because i'm feeling lazy today.

heres the dog that tried to eat me alive...don't fuck with his puffer fish...

the set. about 8ft tall jumps. 20ish foot gap and the drop-in which was 2 containers on top of one another into a container height drop, which jed managed to whip in off. raddd

bikes and crowd

i think photos of cooper would come out so much better at night time. ha

this photo is such a mess, nasty 360 backflip. so wild

shitty photo, best superman seat grab

Nastazio, 3 whip

double whip

burly as fuck frontie

Wellington brought the party all day

then we sunk a few beers....

ah. for more got o my facebook album: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=logo#/album.php?aid=192295&id=566507784&ref=mf

wonder if that link will work. anyway good night all round.

next day woke up and it was pouring down and windy as. doubts were had about any riding happening at all. a sweet game of B.I.K.E went down, with the taupo team bringing home the bacon, supergroup 2nd and auckland team 3rd. was good fun.

Jono ended up taking out the overall comp, was more of a sweet hang out jam in the sun for the day. heres a couple photos from where i was sitting. ha

Jono 3 whip the spine

hugh was getting wild

Louis thought he'd bomb off the red bull rover

Colin MacKay went small and didn't click a table all day.

sweet. wait it out for McRaes photos. they should be the bomb digity.

shout outs to SFA crew for being the only other people out on friday night!

and mega shout outs to Jed for being the man for organising jams like this and keeping NZ BMX rockin' cheers bro!


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