August 04, 2009



whats happening. this update brings you new frames, fresh tricks on 30cm tall kickers, skatepark vandalism and not alost of use really.

alot of big stuff has happened in the bmx world over the past few weeks, people trekking away, tricks been thrown down...but you don't click here for that. you click here for mindless rubbish and so many photos that you go over your internet cap.


. . .hurry up photobucket and upload pictures . . .

Aparently some wild stuff went down in hamilton this weekend just gone, uncles and asian ladies with mo's and all so I hear. and one ginge and one farm animal themed boy saw...aparently secret squirrel and all that.

photobucket still uploading . . .

so slayer/megadeth coming in october!? how awesome will that show be.
also getting to see GZA, samiam & Vivian Girls when i go to oz in September...its like the 90's and good rock and roll collide or something. will be fun!

okay. photos uploaded now.

heres a couple pictures of codys rad new ride. lookin' pretty fly:

sweet backyard shots!

hows that for a scary sight . . .




Brian with a huuge alley oop transfer thinger! right to left

then this manly man hijacked my camera and took some shots!

Phillip up the grinder gap to down toboggan

Sam styling the same thing

Jed rail ride 180 up! wild

my legs :P

And now the new semi-not really at all permanent kicker thanks for cody

in the end we just put rocks up against the back of it to keep it in place . . .haha

Phillip putting the kicker through its pases

Sam kickin' down the style

J-rad getting well. J-rad

then jed just gets arkward and goes the wrong way

sweet turndown sesh!

and we'll leave you with jared getting rad

I really need some slave flash setups! anyone keen to donate? ha ha haaaa.


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