April 06, 2009

few photo contributions . . .

i think I pretty much didn't take a single photo in this update. mainly taken by Cody I think. Just in case you forgot who that is, here's prehaps the best picture that has ever been taken of him, no fuck that, anyone in the history of photos being taken:

Anyone, just to ruin your boner heres some bmx photos, i think some are out of focus for whatever reason.

Phillip barspininnggg in the sunset


Phillip taking it to the next level

lanky fucker

this is how the paint came off my car all by itself. seriously.

one day when i went to work they all went to putaruru at night. aparently got to see some fatty boobs out a car window but cody missed the photo. probably a good thing I think. ha ha.

I'll just throw up some odd photos and if you want to look at the rest go to my photobucket account which i'll link at the bottom of i remember.

best backie EVER!

Then on this weekend just gone well I was in ak for fake blood/sinden a couple peps when to Huntly for a ride

cody takes more photos i think

Phillip baboom!


from memory this is a pretty fucking big gap. rad.

rad. i have the next 10 or so days off work so hopefully get some pictures done and will update again soon. rad

heres the link to the photobucket album from this update for more pics form putaruru: http://s51.photobucket.com/albums/f357/_ryangray/april6-2009/

EDITT::: forgot to add in this link to the bbc site where Jack that used to live here was kinda featured. ha. http://www.bbc.co.uk/guernsey/content/articles/2009/04/01/skate_park_homeless_april09_feature.shtml good stuff

Oh also i lost my phone at the beach a few weeks ago, I still have the same number but have no one's number on my phone, so if you have my number can you txt me telling me who you are so I have your number again. rad thanks.

listen to fever ray: http://rapidshare.com/files/182426248/Fever_Ray_-_Fever_Ray__320__2009_.zip


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