May 10, 2006

no updates . ..for awhile

yeah so.
as most of the loyal prophecy viewer's have probably noticed i've been slacking on the updates.
just over a week ago I moved up to auckland & i dont have a camera here.
now you're probably thinking. what about luke...he has a fancy camera.
well yeah. hes just a fucking slacker.
or if you wernt thinking that and were thinking why the hell did you leave rotorua for auckland.
i wish i could tell you.

so yeah.
untill I sort out my money & figrue out how many H.P's I can afford i wont be adding any pictures to here.
I'll try & get Luke to update this at some point...he has some good pic to put up aswell.

thats about it.

if you have an old digi cam to get rid of/sell then lemme know.
i dont really care how shitty it this is a pretty shitty blog.
shoot me a 'computer generated message' on
but dont add me to msn...i hate randoms.

oh yeah.
adam stinks.


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