July 31, 2005


Its been awhile . . .

Welp, basicly the weekend started off with Simon and I heading to AK on friday to pick up his bicycle from George, we had a quick thrash at Devonport during the day and just hung out watching bmx videos for the night.

Next day, 6am, about 4 hours earlier than my normal wake up time, we were awoken and got ready to head to the Taupo jam, picked up Mark (eWok) and then Luke and started our trek to Taupo.

On trip I had a Great Biggie wendy's cup which was half full with coke, tissues and other rubbish which was promtly ejected out the window, the coke managed to cover The Carona...heh heh, thats pay back for the Mountion Dew!

Stopped at Matamata for breakfast then carried on through to Putararu, a fun bowl with a hip.
I didn't get many pictures from this weekend...Luke has quite a few which he will no dout keep to himself, but heres the pictures from Putararu:

Botched Air Photo of George.

Mark, Turndown

Mark, Tailwhip Attempt, hes at the stage where he just has to get over the frame and he'll have it sussed, took it quite hard a couple attempted after this catching his feet on the coping and chin diving into the ground..wasn't overally bad thoe.

From Putararu we headed to Taupo, arrived around 1ish and meet up with the Gisbourne dickheads (heh heeeh) Matt was ripping shit up as usual, George, Louis and Mark equally aswell. Jed doing the craziest nose dived 3's over the spine...they're basicly like this |
I'll hopefully have some footage to post up sooonish from Taupo.

Shitty Photo, Jed, Small bowl to large bowl transfer.

As it started to cool down we left Taupo on route to rotorua, hung at my hizhouse for a bit, watched half of Megatour 4 (Note: don't waste your money on it) and then headed to food then booze.

Simons house went off...and I don't think I'll say much more.

Theres a couple more pictures in my photobucket album, use your 1337 hacking skillz and have a geeeze.

Luke = Slaytanic

peace out scumbags.

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