May 20, 2010

well well datsik

weekend just gone. well actaully thursday last thursday went down to wellington for a datsik gig at sandwhiches. havent felt clean since.

heres a couple pictures from the trip.

great way to start the trip, halfway through desert road johhny law says hi to phillip. When the cop offered phil the chance to look at the speed on the radar phils response was "nah, it's not that impressive". ho ho

and onwards to wellington

Didn't ride anywhere on the way down. just went straight from rotorua to liquor king to hamish's to sandwhichs. rad

Next day, after an hours or two sleep and not being able to hear anything....i swear datsik was louder than motorhead. tried to ride upper hutt. well. I slept in the car well jared and phil rode.

Phil got gnarly, he reckons this is a 720



phil bars

from upper hutt went up the road to pukete bay ..i think.
strange park designed park. fun none the less

jared hooning the masssssive box

jared jam

i think it was the same day we went to Waikanie to find a few people riding, Kane can ride this place like no other

pictures dont really do it justice. too big and rad.

from here it was home to daisy and an early bedtime

next day hit up levin/waikanae/otaki

levin stunts

then it was back home to daisy again and some venison susagees thanks to ambers awesome mum! thanks for killing deer and putting them on my plate! rad!

next day last day said goodbye to daisy and headed on back to rotorua with a quick stop in at bulls? i think. scooter kids were wild! and rad little bmxers that can 3 whip but cant do an x-up? this is a crazy world we're living in!


phil bars/busdriver

phil no hands

jared frame grab t-bogs

jrad eurO

then the rain came down and we went home!

awesome trip. anyone that whats something a bit new/different give some datsik a whirl in your jukebox and you will see what i mean by un-clean. ha

stay rad!

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