June 19, 2009

another monthly

working too much in the recession? that excuse is getting old now. still is the case tho! here's some pictures from the last month or so. couple from a trip to huntly and from the skatepark. check it outttt.

on the road again . . .

Phillip about to Jam his foot.

Jared rippin' as always.

Phillip seems to learn something new every time he steps on his bike...

Case in point...cannnoooonnnn balllll!

rad rad rad

Keepin' the rolla smiling.

Couple photos from a bit ago. couple photos taken when cody hijacked my cam.

And these these couple from the other night. i only survived an hour in the cold. not manly enough obviously.

Cody illlin'

Simon back in the mix


Simon has t-whips on lockdown nowadays.

not alot beats a good flatt tabletop

Here's a grand ad for codys electrician skills:

Adjusting the skatepark light to allow more night time riding of the bank. haw haw.

anyhow. see you next time.

Anything rad coming up soon????

1 comment:

PhillipC said...

You forgot to mention that cody actually made the light about 10 times worse in his attept to fix it haha!