August 22, 2005

Ye Ole Dirtjump & Version 2.0 of Hamilton

Soo, on the 19th of August it was decided that we would hit up the local dirt jumps, (well we not really including me or cody) the ride included steven, simon, nigel, some maori fulla and a random dickhead.

Trail + Sunset = Harmony? or stink because ride time is over? or RAD! because drinking time is starting? Actully, none of the above, drinking had started, and riding was still going on.

After seeing these pictures you may jump to the conclusion that we all love Simon, well you're half right.

Simon, tuck thats higher than Stevens ever beeen. Photo - Cody

Simon, Turning it down for the camera. Photo - Cody

Simon with his 3rd new trick for the day <----Wallride to invert

Steven, With not a durrie in sight, Wall tappage.

After this all that there was left to do was get on the turps, and as usual my house was the location, and nothing was broken this time! crazy.

Come the next day, and about 4 phonecalls from Luke later our trek was started to the land of rivers and lakes, Hamilton.

About a quarter of the way into the trip we were visited by the men (well, man, singular) in yellow, Yellow? you heard it here first. $545 later we were on our way.

Cody and the Man in Question.

As you can read below the main point in the trip was to get lukes new frame and bits to him.

We arrived in Hamilton at around 11am, rode melville for a wee bit well waiting for the Corona to arrive.

The Corona arrived around 12am, and Carl from Shed7 arrived not long after.
Well Luke was putting his bike together a wee ride went down.

Carl, With a Lookback, without even looking fancy is that.

Simon, Tucking it up.

Louis didn't even bring his own bicycle down, but he still managed to tear up the flyout with this bicycle stunt.

From here we visited a burger king, where luke was running rampant(and like a little girl)
Then we said our goodbyes and headed to Fairfield for a quick ride.

From here it was to a friend housewarming, I have pictures from this, but I am not posting, check my photobucket.

Next morning we all woke up, tired and some were hungover.

We managed to have a small ride/roll at Putararu, but the ride was lame as everyone was tired and Simon only managed to be able to get his wheel to stay semi-tight via hand tighting it.
And my camera battery died after I took one lame picture.

Untill next time . . .

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