June 02, 2005

You must turn to the DARK SIDE...

Hah not like in stars wars cause that shit aint for real , i know you love it .. onto not related news from slayersaves.com "A dozen songs have been written for the forthcoming album, with just some tinkering and lyrics to be done. Because of Ozzfest, Araya notes, the band is in "pause mode." The record, Araya promises, will sound like Slayer. "You can take my word on it that it will always be very Slayer," he says. "We'll stick to the core." ..From an interview in July 2004 , so it can only be soon...
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I like ART class
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Mmm trip happing this weekend , just hoping on the weather ... well where eva' we end up , we will have some pics..

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