December 16, 2004

Yous are scum

hey , this is cool , kinda ....


news huh , u want but aint gunna get , this is the 3rd post in the same day meeeeen

well i got banned from forums , cool .... NOT , burn in hell i mean sure support nz bmx , but dont support them ,

and kids . nic says (you listen) "dont do drugs kids, and if u do, hook me up"


He is gay something like "team rider nic is 38% through san andreas and killing cops and smoking bud as we speak , well nic is ****ed , (yeha it bummed my swear word ..SICK) , he hurt his foot , over vic box , get well soon we love you!!!! , and im ****ed with some cracked and brusied ribs , so we both on the computer all day

iwant to post a pic of a 1969 pontaic firebird , but dont know how so ,,,,, END


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