December 18, 2004

Never Alone

Lukes News

Well its been 14 hours since the last update i know your begging for more ... i was reluctant but ryan made me do a bike check ,, its under kurmits news .... and well for news everysones having a good time and my empire order left the states today so im happy.....

Kurmit news

Here kurmits was spotted doing a burnout on grass , he sporting a 1972 Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass , he says " i been around taking bmx pictures and I done a bike bike check with luke"
Lukes bike

This is a Fbm outsider 21 witha euro , looking at it now , it has RNC lites , 36 tooth profile imperial , primo pro pedals red white and black camo , shadow seat , fbm midget stem , uncut slam bars , race forks , harry lever with a straight cable..... the wheels are shitty but lighta s fuck and hold up for him , front one road bike 4 ounce 9mm steel axle hub , laced to racing single walled rim weighing in the wheel at 1.8lbs more or less ,,the back wheel i been thru 4 of the same hubs its shimano racing cassette , with doulble butted spokes allow nipples and a rim weigh like 2.3 lbs , ud think these wheel would break but they sweet ... well thats about it , without going into brake pad deatil

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